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The Support Our Men in Vietnam Parade

The third longest parade in United States history, organized in a month by an ad hoc committee of volunteers, stretched two miles down New York City’s Fifth Avenue. 

Held in the middle of the Vietnam War, a quarter million Americans marched for almost 9 hours.

None of the national television networks gave one second of coverage to this historic event !

Similar huge pro-GI demonstrations like this were ignored by most of the news media.

Fortunately, rare footage of this massive parade -   broadcast by New York City television station WPIX and including Jack McCarthy's original narration - has been recovered.

Special Thanks to Teddy Gleason, head of the International Longshoremen's Association (ILA), who made this video possible because he wanted to send a half hour film of the parade to the troops serving in Vietnam. Gleason recruited the National Maritime Union (NMU) to join the ILA in a very rare sponsorship of a TV program by labor unions.   



Grass Roots Support for GI's 

Just one small example of the overwhelming backing of our troops

by the American people took place in Wakefield, Mass.

In an event, almost totally ignored by the mainstream media,

a high school student organized a support rally that drew 25,000 -

as big as the city's entire population !


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