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NCRP Executive Director Charles Wiley is available as a speaker.

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Every year, he gives talks to thousands of college and high school students and spends countless hours having discussions with them.

His main subjects are news media, history, World War II and Vietnam - including our website. Plus, most important, advice based on life lessons learned from 93 years of incredible experience.  Among the places where he spoke in 2019: 

UC Berkeley, Boys State in both Wisconsin & New Jersey, Grove City College, the Youth Leadership Conference (Alabama), California CR Convention, Rio Grande College (Texas), Rutgers University Army ROTC and George Jr. Republic, a community for  youth, including many gang members. 

Wiley has given thousands of lectures in 50 states and on six
continents - including talks in Germany, Australia, South Africa,
Colombia, Taiwan, Belarus, Vietnam, Luxembourg, Thailand, 
Namibia,  Hong Kong, Canada and Albania.
A well-known radio/TV talk show personality and commentator,
he has appeared on hundreds of network and local programs.
As a journalist, Wiley has been in 100 countries. He covered
11 wars, including reporting for NBC, UPI, the London Express
and numerous other U.S. and foreign news media.
He reported on the Vietnam conflict in 1962, 1964, 1968 & 1972.
A New York University graduate, his freelance articles and
photographs appeared in numerous publications, including the
New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek and Time.
Wiley's in-depth search for facts led to his arrest eight times by
secret police, including the KGB, and imprisonment in a Cuban
dungeon while he was a correspondent for New York City radio
station WOR.
In 1979, when only a handful of Americans visited China, Wiley
made a 10,000 mile trip - including tours of three Soviet borders.
During one of his later trips to China, he lectured at Jinan University
in Guangzhou.
Shortly before the collapse of the Soviet empire, he lived briefly
in the USSR while giving talks at Leningrad (now St. Petersburg )
University.  During post-Cold War trips to Russia, Wiley has lectured
at several universities and elsewhere in Moscow.
He has spoken abroad under the auspices of the U.S. government,
was a speaker for the White House Public Outreach Group and
contributed to establishing guidelines for a free press in Mongolia.
Wiley has played a major role at international conferences in Great
Britain and Italy. He lectured at the Ministry of Civil Defence
Academy in New Zealand and at London University to the Institute
of Civil Defense.
Wiley speaks, every year, at dozens of colleges, high schools and
other youth audiences throughout the country. Included are annual
talks, since 1991, at UC Berkeley to the biggest political science
class (700) in the USA   - and every June when speaking to almost
2000 of the nation's top high school seniors at Boys State in both
New Jersey (28 years) and Wisconsin (25).
He taught a life-experience seminar at five colleges, and still
teaches it every year in Texas.
Wiley frequently addresses military audiences - in the USA and
abroad - including the Naval War College, the Defense Intelligence
Agency school, the Paris Ecole Militaire, an Air Force school for
top NCO's, the Navy Postgraduate School, CincPac, the Coast
Guard Academy, the UK intelligence school, the Spanish Army
War School, and many others.  
Early in the war on Terrorism, Wiley was the keynote speaker at
a two-day Washington conference on homeland security --
organized by Jane's, the premier international authority on defense,
strategy & intelligence issues.
He went into Afghanistan, with the mujahedeen, during the war
against the Soviet Union.  
Wiley had a very successful 13-year show business career.
A great interview about his youth, when he was an honored guest
at the 75th anniversary revival of "Our Town," is on YouTube
Following a failed attempt, at age 15, to enlist in the Marines
on the morning after Pearl Harbor, Wiley became one of the
earliest USO performers.  During the first year of the war, he
traveled from coast-to-coast & border-to-border, entertaining
at dozens of military bases.

Wiley enlisted in the Navy at 17. Most of his military service was with the amphibious forces in the Pacific.   He received a battle star for Okinawa. 

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