Dedicated to Captain Raymond Gimmler, New York City Fire Department, who steadfastly crusaded to mobilize public support for those serving in our military during the Vietnam War.

In memory of Frank Perry who played a critical role in developing this website before his death. Also, Leon Levonian, Richard Piatkowski and Ron Melnyk, long-time Board members, who worked on this website project, but died before we finished the job.

Thanks to Ross Rowland who, in one day, raised much of the money to host 1000 returning Vietnam War veterans at a banquet with top entertainment.

It is impossible to list the thousands of Americans who volunteered to do the countless hours of tedious work necessary to turn ideas into huge events. They quietly came from the ranks of ordinary folks, who love their country – and, just as quietly, slipped away when they finished the job.  They’re awesome !






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Home With Honor exists to honor all who served during the Vietnam War by documenting the true story of the love and support they received.

Three “facts” about the treatment of those in uniform that are believed by most Americans:

1.  Our people turned their backs on our military.

2.  There were anti-war demonstrators on every street corner – and very little support for our troops.

3.  There was no big welcome for our service men when the war ended, like the great parades through New York City's lower Broadway after World War I and II. "There was no brass band to welcome them home."

These three “facts” are now part of our history –  even though none of them are true!



After its 1967 founding, the National Committee for Responsible Patriotism created and coordinated some of the great mass activities in U.S. history.  Because it played down its role to insure full support from a wide spectrum of organizations and individuals, few know   of NCRP’s accomplishments.

As its first activity, the Committee staff - all volunteers - organized the third longest parade in American history to show support for our servicemen in Vietnam.  It lasted nearly nine hours as a quarter million people (250,000) marched a two mile parade route.

When U.S. POWs in Vietnam were receiving very little attention, NCRP launched the campaign demanding decent treatment and then helped the POW families set up their own organization.

During Operation Gratitude, NCRP coordinated patriotic activities throughout the nation – from the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Circle to the Caribbean Sea (Hawaii-Alaska-Puerto Rico). In just the New York City metropolitan area alone, there were five parades – including the longest in the history of New Jersey – and other activities. Hundreds of thousands took part.

In 1969, the Committee created Honor America Week, a huge national success, and helped organize the tremendous Honor America Day in Washington , D.C. the following July 4.

On the very date that our military was withdrawn from Vietnam, March 31,1973,  NCRP played the key role in organizing Home With Honor Day to welcome back the veterans of that conflict.  A thousand servicemen led a gigantic parade, followed by over 150,000 people and 100 brass bands, through New York City's Times Square.  That night, there was a gala banquet and top entertainment for the thousand servicemen.

NCRP coordinated two petition drives – re: the U.S.S. Pueblo and the POWs – each with a million signatures;  Helped introduce American flags on fire engines and police cars;  Was instrumental in making U.S. flag lapel pins popular;  Conceived the use of turning on headlights by day to show support for patriotic causes;  Organized two massive motorcades from New York to Washington re: the Pueblo and as part of a salute to law enforcement personnel and firefighters.

To mobilize public support for U.S. action when the Iran hostage crisis erupted, the Committee launched the Respect America campaign with simultaneous NCRP press conferences in four major cities.  In a spectacular show of national unity, leaders of 200 national and state organizations attended. Countless activities throughout  the country resulted.

The Committee hosted occasional dinners where hundreds heard important speakers such as Dr. Edward Teller, Gen. Daniel Graham (the head of DIA) and Gen. William Westmoreland.

NCRP projects have been endorsed by countless public figures, including several Presidents and the Governors of 44 states.

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